text by Junnosuke Amai
photo edit by Ryoko Kuwahara
photo by Kentaro Takahashi

TOY『Clear Shot』Interview

20160930 Toy BW-3



We’re very pleased with how it sounds and to have a new album out. Thank you for your observation. Since the previous album a lot has happened and we’ve explored a lot of different avenues in music and other art forms. I feel these have seeped into our world somehow and are reflected on the album.


The person who recorded the Mystery Jets album is a very old friend of ours and we have recorded in the studio they did that album in. It’s a great space for experimentation. I haven’t heard their record but I have heard it is good. We don’t really feel like this record is particularly psychedelic. The term psychedelic is used to describe everything these days. I think this record is difficult to assign to a specific genre.

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