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DIY Issue : Interview with Yasunori Nakadake from magnif

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magnif is a vintage fashion book shop located in Jinbocho. It is loved by its customers and has been a must-go place for fashion lovers in Tokyo. Various fashion and cultural magazines from the 50s to the 90s can be found here. Here we have the owner of the book shop, sharing his experience as he witnesses the trend changing within this world.



——When did you start out magnif and why did you decide to do so?

magnif: Back in 2009. There was a vacant spot at Jinbocho where all the vintage book stores are located. Fashion magazines are like mirrors reflecting their own time. I thought that it would be interesting to gather them in a vintage magazines bookshop.

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——Why did you decide to open a bookshop?

magnif: Because I wanted to make a living while enjoying the job itself.



——How did you manage to collect all the vintage magazines? Is there a particular way you select them?

magnif: I bought most of them from the customers. I would choose to keep those fashion related magazines.

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——What do you find most interesting and intriguing being the owner of the bookshop?

magnif: The vintage fashion magazines have their values in the market even though that is not established. I enjoyed the feeling of searching for them and it really is surprisingly exciting to see how the customers understand the value and my intention.

――お客さまの会話はどのようなものでしょう? どんな方がよくいらっしゃいますか?


——Do you usually talk to your customers? What kind of customer would visit the bookshop?

magnif: Jinbocho is like a must-go place in Tokyo right now. All kinds of customers come into magnif everyday. There are times that they ask for specific orders of the magazines and I am more than glad to offer them the best service.

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——Would you tell us an interesting episode happened at the magnif?

magnif: There are many genres existing under the title of fashion, such as mode, street and trend. And the content ranges from those that are fashionable no matter who sees it to those that are hard to be appreciated even now. I see the trend circulating when the fashionable and unfashionable items changes. For example, the monochrome magazines were kept away from most of the people back in the 80s, however, there are customers searching for them right now after all these years. I have seen it from the media that the 80s is trending again now. As the owner of magnif, I feel like I have witnessed the moment even before that.

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101-0051 東京都千代田区神田神保町1-17
TEL&FAX : 03-5280-5911

photography & text Baihe Sun



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