Can’t live without Books:3 Independent Bookstores in Berlin/ 書店特集:ベルリンのインディペンデント書店3選

Differing from franchised bookstores, in terms of having their own expertise in specific fields can be given as one of the reasons that attract people to independent bookstores. Even in a free city like Berlin, independent bookstores that stimulate our sensibility are highly praised. We are going to introduce 3 popular bookstores that are endorsed by people living in Berlin as a place they tend to stop by and stay for a long time.

do you read me?!

If you are looking out for the newest independent magazine in the world, here is
the place. In the Auguststraße of Mitte district, where galleries are clustered in that area, “do you read me?!”, a bookstore that is popular among the locals and tourists, is located. To make it easier for customers to find a title that evoke their interest, in the bookstore, there is a wall entirely lined up with book covers. It is a treasure house full of inspirations with unique selections of books gathered from all over the world. It touches the emotions of creators and those interested in the culture and the society. They also have a website that posts reviews of magazines sold in the store and interviews. They put spotlight on creators who are not featured on the magazines. So don’t miss out on that too.

do you read me?!
Auguststraße 28, 10117 Berlin Germany
Opening hours:Mon〜Sat 10:00〜19:30
Tel:+49 30 695 49 695


Architekt: Gerhard Spangenberg, Berlin

When visitng Savignyplatz station of Charlottenburg district, please stop by at “Bücherbogen”, a long-established bookstore that stands under a girder bridge. Renovated a former car repair shop in 1980, the inside of the arched shaped book store is elongated and has depth like a tunnel. Selling books that cover wide range of topics related to art, including design, architecture, fashion, films, and photography, there are over 25,000 titles. Don’t worry, when you get lost in the jungle of books, the dedicated staff with rich knowledge are there to help you out. The atmosphere and selections that can only be enjoyed in this bookstore, have been long loved over time by worldwide artists and book lovers including Yoko Ono and Karl Lagerfell.

Stadtbahnbogen 593, 10623 Berlin Germany
Opening hours:Mon – Fri10:00〜20:00, Sat 10:00〜20:00
Tel:+49 30 31 86 95 11


Motto is a perfect bookstore for those looking for subcultural contents and an alternative store. Based in Switzerland, it started off as a small distribution company and opened its first store in Kreuzberg district of Berlin. It sells wide range of unique artist’s book, from fanzine to academic writing, those written by new unknown writers to famous writers. In the corner of the bookstore, there are ZINE, brought in by young artists, piled up and one can find their own special art piece. Publishing about 20 titles each year and co-publishing such magazines as “zweikommasieben”,“PROVENCE”,
“Terremoto”, the multi activity that the store is involved in is also what makes this bookstore fascinating.

Skalitzerstraße 68, 10997 Berlin Germany
Opening Hours:Mon – Sat 12:00〜20:00
Tel:+49 30 48816407

selection & text by Yukiko Yamane 

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