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Alain Bosshart (PLUS VAGUE!)

Alain Bosshart (PLUS VAGUE!)

Alain Bosshart is a music industry veteran for over 20 years and an old Punk. He started his career in Los Angeles at Rick Rubin's label American Recordings, and was later involved with contractual negotiations and interpreting for the Fuji Rock Festival, and is also known as a tastemaker producing and promoting various popular events helping make artists such as Justice big in Japan. He launched PLUS VAGUE! In 2011 to release albums by Jamaica, Para One and others, and remains involved with various independent music promotions, bookings, translations, and international coordination projects, while also being passionate about poetry, art, playing guitar and DJing. https://twitter.com/plus_vague http://plusvague.tumblr.com

Busy P feat. Mayer Hawthorne “Genie” 

    On Repeat:  Busy P feat. Mayer Hawthorne “Genie”


    Busy P feat. Mayer Hawthorne "Genie" 


    Busy Pの新曲「Genie」(2月24日リリース予定)は、彼の最高傑作だともいえる、Mayer Hawthorneをフィーチャリングした、鳥肌ものの最新型デジタルR&B/ソウル系ラブ・ソング!


    This uplifting soulful love song is sure to give you feel good goosebumps!


    The song feels like a culmination of all the things Pedro “Busy P” Winter has had his hand in— and he’s always had a great hand— as this song’s call for love, sung by Mayer Hawthorne, is even candy-wrapped with digital funk à la Discovery-era Daft Punk with hints of Ed Banger Record’s own stars such as Justice, Breakbot and Para One throughout.  It’s a sure-fire hit if I’ve ever heard one.  Definitely not to be missed!


    Busy P feat. Mayer Hawthorne “Genie” Ep Releases Digitally on Feb. 24th with remixes and also as a 12″ record on April 21st in advance of its inclusion in the forthcoming Ed Rec 100 All Star Compilation.


    10 Years ago…


    Xavier, Pedro and me in 2007



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