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Kudu Blue『Call Out』Interview

Q12. What is “Music” to you?
Music is always there, it has the power to make you reminisce or feel euphoric. We love it as much as anything or anyone else.


Q13. Is there fashion reference in your music?

Nah, we just make what we naturally make as a group of 5 friends.

Q14. What’s youth culture today to you?

Far too controlled by social media, but there are some incredible acts around at the moment as a result.

Q15. Where do you think the music trend comes from today?

It’s a bit hard to say. The way that people consume music has changed a lot recently, and people are more and more discovering music through algorithms that create playlists, rather than conventional methods. There is still a lot to be said for blogs and radio stations though.


Q16. What’s your favorite Youtube?

Do like Majestic Casual for discovering new songs. And the trololol guy.

Q17. Can you tell us your favorite place(shop, bar ,anywhere) and people( musician, designer, artist) in London-

Frank’s bar in Peckham is always good in summer, and the Bussey Building, or Cannivans pool bar. Obviously Fabric was a great place, but we’ve seen it get shut down in recent months. Eric Lau plays a lot in London. Love his shows.

Q18 Any news, or highlight you want us to note about?

Two headline shows coming up. London- The Waiting rooms in Stoke Newington on the 16th November & Brighton The Hope & Ruin on the 17th. Plus new music realllll soon

text & edit Ryoko Kuwahara


“NGFM” has just been released, here’s the link:
first headline shows coming up, here’s tickets links:

16th November – London – The Waiting Room

17th November – Brighton – The Hope & Ruin

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