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Kudu Blue『Call Out』Interview

NeoL Magazine JP | Text: Ryoko Kuwahara | Edit: Ryoko Kuwahara

NeoL Magazine JP | Text: Ryoko Kuwahara | Edit: Ryoko Kuwahara

_Q1.How and when did it started? Your music background

It’s coming up to two years now since we first started making music as Kudu Blue. We had all been friends for a while and worked with each other on various other projects. Tom and Owen started the band as a production duo, Clem came in and wrote a track one night and we were all really in to it so got Creeda and Dale on board to form a band.


_Q2. How did you come up with name?

We really love African wildlife and the Kudu is definitely the best type Antelope, we decided that one evening over a game of charades… Blue is our second favourite colour and it rhymes.

_Q3. It’s really electro and you are always using technology, But I feel like I’m listening to acoustic music. What was your inspiration?

Yeah we spend a long time on the production of each track, we like to go in and add interesting elements that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with acoustic music. It’s still important to us that the tracks flow and work as a band, we still have so many live elements and enjoy blending the two together.

_Q4. Were you always into Music? Why you make?

Without a doubt, music has always been a big part of all of our lives. We make music because it’s what we love doing and it would just feel weird not to be doing it to be honest.

_Q5. I really like your song “Call Out”._Can you tell us about “Call Out”? Concept, Feelings, such Details

It’s about good old love and the feeling a special connection gives.


Q6. How do you usually come up with song idea?_The feelings if you are to say in a word._

It Usually starts with a melodic idea and then lyrics follow.


Q7.You’re in the process of pulling the record together,Have you noticed any themes emerging?

We write music that feels right at the time. If themes emerge I think we will probably notice them in hindsight as we put out a bigger body of work.

Q8. Your vocal is emotional and powerful, nostalsic. Whed did you realize you could sing? _

Thanks very much, Clems been singing for as long as she can remember, cliche but true.

Q9. Can you describe the day of Recording and Live show.

It depends on the day, some days recording are spent making food and hanging out at owen or tom’s, other days we’re in the studio from 11am to 11pm. Gigs are always fun, it normally involves a little road trip and we have a laugh on the way. we’re lucky because most of the shows we play now are in great venues with amazing sound systems, so we’re always looking forward to playing live.


Q10. If there is any collaboration opportunity, who do you wanna work with?_

Yeah we’re always up for working with others. We’d especially like to work with Majid Jordan.

Q11. What kind of Music you listen to? Name of Artist?_

All kinds like Nicholas Jaar, Nxworries, Fatima Yamaha, Nils Frahm

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