text by Ryoko Kuwahara
photo by Yuichiro Noda

Alpines『Another River』Interview

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Q1.Can you tell us about Alpines.How and when did it started?

Bob – When we met, we were both in other bands and making music. But when we started to make music together it made more sense and the music we were writing sounded exciting to us.

Q2. How did you come up with name?

Bob – Our name was inspired by a trip to the French Alps that we made soon after meeting each other. We love the mountains and wanted a name that was related to that. We love the imagery of the natural world.

Q3. It’s really electro and you are always using technology,but I feel like I’m listening to acoustic music. What was your inspiration?

Bob – I’m inspired by music that uses new technology but still sounds warm and human – that’s what we’ve always tried to achieve. I want people to imagine Catherine performing her songs when they listen, rather than thinking about the technology I used in the production. That’s one of the reasons we started the new album with the sound of applause – I wanted to set the scene of Catherine performing at a piano to an audience.

Q4. Were you always into Music? Why you make?

Bob – I think both of us have always wanted to do music since we were teenagers. I don’t think you can do this if you don’t believe in yourself and your music 100%. I make music because I love the feeling you have when you hear music that really connects with you – I want to give that feeling to other people.

NeoL_alpines3_photo Yuichiro Noda_text Ryoko Kuwahara

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