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DIY Issue : Interview with Olive

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Olive is a boy band in Tokyo established in 2016 at a Christmas concert. Four of the boys all grew up in multicultural background with their own vivid personalities. As their first music video for the song Kennedy is out soon, here they talk about the process of making original music and getting along with each other as members.



-How and when was Olive founded?

Everyone – Olive was founded in December 2016 with Leo, Hugo, and Eddy for a Christmas concert! Hugo gathered Leo and Eddy to play at at a party of a Finance house, and we got along after and decided to play together!


Eddy 「僕がHugoの幼馴染とバスケを通じて友達になったんです。そこからHugoを紹介され、その後Hugoから他のメンバーに紹介されました」


Hugo 「 Himiとは、Himiが家に僕の友達を招待して、僕はその友達について行ってたまたま会った(笑)。色んな楽器が転がっていたから適当に楽器を手に持ってジャムして、気付いたら2ヶ月後に彼もバンドに入っていたという感じです(笑)」

Himi 「うん、そんな感じ(笑)」

-How did you know each other?

Eddy – I got to know Hugo from his childhood friend when I was playing basketball in Yoyogi park and then I met Hugo through him.

Leo- I don’t even remember when exactly lol but around 1.5/2 years ago we created olive through mutual friends. Me and Hugo originally met through a magazine photo shoot. We then went on to collaborate on many more photo shoots and we decided to do music to-gether. I first met Hugo in Popeye magazine s shoot back when I was 16 and there was a piano in the studio so we just jammed and got along very quickly! Then he called me to be in a band when I was 18! Eddy and Himi came through mutual friends of Hugo.

Hugo – Himi invited some of his friends and I just tagged along haha. A lot of instruments were lying around so I just picked one up and we just jammed. And two months later around April 2017 I asked him to join the band!

Himi – Yeah just like that!

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全員 「ヒュウゴに聞いて!(笑)」


-Why is it named Olive?

EveryoneーAsk Hugo! Haha

Hugo – Last December we did a shoot for Popeye magazine and the Popeye magazine for girls was called Olive. We thought it was a cool name so we just took it! Doesn’t really have a profound meaning haha


Leo 「OliveのベーシストのLeoです。マルティーニによく入っている緑のオリーブより黒のオリーブの方が好きです」

Hugo 「Hugoです。歌をメインに担当しています。自分のフランス語なまりの歌い方が嫌いでウィスキーが大好きです」

Eddy 「僕はバンドの中では一番年上だけど、逆に他のメンバーから学ぶことが多いだと思う!」

Himi 「OlivesのドラマーのHimiです。バンド最年少18歳です。歌うのも好きです!」

-Tell us something about yourself as a member of Olive.(Each member)

Leo – I’m Leo, the bassist of Olive, and I prefer black olives over the green ones you see in martinis.

Hugo – Hi I’m Hugo and I’m singing in this band. I am pretty insecure about my french ac-cent and I love whisky.

Eddy- I‘m the oldest in the band but I have so much to learn from the other members!

Himi- I’m the drummer of Olive and im the youngest. Im 18. I also love to sing!

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全員「僕たちは様々な国で育ち、音楽に対しても国際的な耳を持っています。Leoはイギリスと日本のハーフ、Eddyはブラジルと日本のミックス、Hugoはフランスと日本のハーフで、Himiは日本人ですが海外で留学経験があります。皆が異なる環境で育ち、音楽に対しても異なる聴き方や弾き方ができています。Hugoは時々フランス音楽を聴くのが好きで、リオはイギリスの音楽 etc.. 普段は英語か日本語で会話していますけど、このバックグラウンドを活かして、音楽的には新しいアプローチで挑んでグローバルで通じる音楽を作りたいです」

-Tell us more about the multi-cultural background dynamic.

Leo- I feel like the multicultural community sees ourselves both as the same as everyone else and as a separate community. I don’t think we think of ourselves as any different from anybody else, but I think we also do notice the slight differences in how other people see us. Many of us are multilingual, I personally speak English and Japanese quite flu-ently, yet when confronting a native English speaker, they might say I’m not 10% fluent in English. The same goes with Japanese. I guess we’re just used to speaking both lan-guages at the same time. I’m a native Jinglish speaker.

Everyone – We are all from different countries and in a way have a very global ear towards music. Leo is half British and Japanese, Eddy is Brazilian and Japanese, Hugo is half French-Japanese, and Himi is Japanese but lived overseas. We all grew up in different envi-ronements and developed a different ear towards music. Hugo likes to listen to french music, Leo to british music, etc.. We mainly speak english and japanese together but we are trying to have a new approach towards music, to make a global type of music that goes across coun-tries.


Hugo 「13歳の時に初めてグリーンデイを聴いて、音楽の持つエネルギーに惚れちゃったんです(笑)。母に一番安いギターでいいから買ってくれと強引に頼んで、死ぬほど練習しました。練習するにつれて、どんどん上手くなって、成長する自分が嬉しくてたまらなかったです。あと、弾いてれば学校でもモテることに気づいたから(笑)」

Eddy -「僕の場合はお父さんがギタリストでハードロックの影響が強い人だったから、自然にそれが耳に入っていた感じです」

Himi 「僕は小さい時から色々な楽器を触って遊んでいるうちに段々できるようになって。いろいろ触ってるうちに全部やりたくなって練習しました」

Leo 「 バンドではベース担当だけど、ベースをやり始めたのは遅かったんです。父がドラムを叩いていたから、その足跡をたどって最初はドラムから始めました。家や父のスタジオに連れて行ってもらって小さな頃からよくプレイしていました。ギターや弦楽器には興味を持っていて、父からギターをもらったこともあったけど面倒くさくて放置してドラムだけやっていました(笑)。でも16歳の時に初めてザ・ビートルズをちゃんと聴いて、全てのパートが弾きたくなってギターとベースを始めました。ずっとビートルズの真似をしていて、気付いたら自分の曲も書けるようになったんです。ザ・ビートルズ万歳(笑)」

-When did each of you pick of the instrument and what‘s the process like?

Hugo – I discovered Green Day when I was 13 and I just fell in love with its energy. I just asked my mom to buy me the cheapest guitar and I practiced and practiced non stop. I loved it because I could see myself become better and better and actually be good at something. And also because it looked cool and was a way to be popular among my school in france haha

Eddy – My father is a guitarist and has a strong hard rock influence and naturally became a passion for me!

Himi – I just played around with many instruments when I was little kid and my interest in music and instruments grew in its process, and just practiced a lot cause I loved it!

Leo – I personally didn’t start with bass guitar, that was much later in my life. I started off playing drums because my father was and still is a drummer. I used to bang on the drums at home and at studios when my father used to take me with him. Stringer instruments like guitar or bass was a whole different story. I always had an infatuation with guitars but I never really could pick up the motivation to actually learn how to play. My father got me a guitar when I was around 14 or 15 but I didn’t play it for like a year. I discovered The Beatles around 16 and I was so inspired by them and I wanted to learn how to play the guitar parts for their songs. So I picked up my guitar and started to pluck away. I’d look at tutorials on the internet and learn about chords and scales and what not. Once I started to learn, I loved it so much I couldn’t stop. I soon bought a bass guitar and learned both gui-tar and bass for most of the Beatles songs. I learned so much just from trying to imitate their music to the point where I am now able to create our own music. The Beatles was the best musical discovery of my life lmao.

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Eddy 「今のところはHugoとLeoの歌詞がメインになってるけど、僕も仕事の合間をぬって出来るだけつくる意識でやっています。この間もLeoがうちに泊まりに来て曲を作ってました」

Leo 「決して簡単ではないけど、アイデアはいろんなところから得ることが出来ますよね。テレビで聞いた事やキッチンにあるフルーツ、心を砕かれたことについても書くことが出来る。僕はまず歌詞を書く前に、ギターやピアノでコードを弾いたりして頭に残るメロディーを作ることに集中する。その上から歌詞を書くかな。友達と書いた方がお互いにアイデアを膨らませらるし、楽しいくスムースに書けるから好きです」

Hugo 「作詞作曲は音楽をやっている中で一番好きな部分。セラピーみたいなものです。みんな、混乱して何を感じているのかすらわからない時もあると思うけど、そういう時、僕は自分のノートにただ頭に浮かぶ言葉を書きつけていく。そしたらいつの間にか文章になっていて、頭の中が整理されていくんです。感情に一番合うメローディーをギターで書いて、歌詞を合わせて、そういう風に自然と出来ます。いい曲を書くにはキャッチーになるかとか、他人に気に入られるとかは考えちゃいけない。一番大切なのは自分に正直にいることと、自分の書いた曲が本当に好きになれることだと思います」

-Would you tell us about the creative process of writing a song and making the arran-gement?

Eddy – Hugo and Leo mainly write the lyrics and the song but I m also trying to write when I have the time! Not too long ago Leo came to my place to write songs with me!

Leo – It is definitely not an easy thing. You can get inspired by anything around you. Whether that’s a nice little phrase you heard on your tv or a slice of fruit laying on the kitchen table or the love of your life breaking your heart. However I personally like to fo-cus on the musicality of a song, so I usually start off by playing around on my guitar or pi-ano and seeing if I can come up with something catchy. Then I’d try to add some lyrics on top of that and see where things take you. Writing with a friends makes things much more fun and smooth, because you can bounce ideas off of each other.

Hugo – It’s my favorite part in playing music. Writing is a type of therapy for me. We all get confused and often do not know what to feel. I just take my notebook and start writing random words that goes through my head and few minutes or hours later it all becomes clear in my head and I start writing sentences like a poem and take my guitar and play something that matches my feelings the most. I think that the key in writing a good song is not thinking about how catchy it s gonna be or if other people will like it. The most im-portant thing is to be truly honest with what you and that you like what you write.



-What genre of music do you make? Who made the impact?

Everyone – We don’t really try to make a song of specific genre. We just sort of make a song and see what genre it is when we’re finished. Our musical inspirations go into each of our playing styles and singing styles perhaps, but we don’t decide beforehand whether we want to make a blues song or a funk song. It just comes out the way it wants to. And it oftens end up with a little bit of rock influence.


全員「 練習はより良いバンドになるために絶対に必要なこと。いいグルーヴを得るまで練習するのが楽しいんです。よくジャムで終わって曲を練習するのを忘れるけど(笑)。ステージでは自分たちの素を表現できるし、自分らしくいられる気がします。世の中のネガティビティを忘れることができて、その瞬間を生きれるのは最高の気分です」

-What is it like to practice and to perform?

Everyone – Practicing is a must for us to become a better band. We work until we get a nice groove on every song and we enjoy it! But we often end up jamming for hours and we forget to practice our songs haha. Performing is an absolutely amazing experience because we feel like it’s the purest we can feel in life; on stage. We feel like we can ex-press ourselves and be ourselves. We feel free of all negativity and we can forget about a lot of things and just be in the zone and in the moment. It’s nice.

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Leo 「チルしようぜ」


Himi 「心を震えさせたい」

Hugo 「自分の感じていることを正直に伝えて、それと同じことを感じている人を少しでも手伝えたり、気持ちが楽になれればいいかな」

-What do you want to tell through the music?

Leo – To chill out.

Eddy – To encourage everyone and that everyone is free from everything.

Himi – I want it to be soul-stirring.

Hugo – Mmm I guess express what I feel and help anyone who s going through the same things.



-How does it feel to have your first music video released?

Everyone- Pretty cool.



-Whatʼs the further step you want to take as a band?

Everyone- Make more songs that we know off by heart and love.






-Besides music, what else do you want/like to do?

Leo – I like art. I love to sketch faces that I make up in my head. I picked up a set of cray-ons before I ever picked up a musical instrument. Maybe one day I can utilize my art for t shirt designs or album cover art for olive.

Eddy – I would love to go surfing for now haha

Himi – Recently I love doing downhills with my skateboard near my house. Besides mu-sic, I am also working as an actor and I just been offered for my first main role. I am pretty excited.

Hugo – Besides music I just like to relax and enjoy some time with my close friends. I am pretty busy with university, music and modeling so besides that I just love to have a drink in a bar and relax.



-Anything you want to say to a member from the band?

Everyone- Logang for life.

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