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I just am Issue : Interview with Yuhan Wang

“I just am”exhibition photography Takayoshi Nonaka

――So,basically this booth is about”I just am”,when you heard about that theme,what was the first thing that came to your mind?

Yuhan Wang : When I heard it for the first time,I didn’t think anything about it.But I’ve always thought that I want to express myself trough my works so that theme suits to my idea.

――This booth is mixed of everybody worked together and there is no spot just for you,so I want to know what kind of conversation or discussion you had like,how they’re gonna put this things together.

Yuhan Wang : Everyone has each different style,so for example,we’ve had many discussions with stylists like if this wig doesn’t fit,let’s try another one,and we tried a lot of things.And it made me another point of view for my own works.

――Do you like these kind of installational exhibition?

Yuhan Wang“I really enjoy it,because audience who come here can actually feel,interaction,and talk about it.I feel more emotion than show for me.I think audience can see something more real,like you can think that how the normal girl just put it in their lives.”

“I just am”exhibition photography Sayaka Maruyama

――You studied graphic design at School of visual arts in NY,right?So how does the studying help you as a fashion designer?

Yuhan Wang : I think all the process helps,probably people thinks that’s only for graphic design but actually it’s not.Because at that time,I studied about visual elements,how you balance all the colors,all the same together,and in the fashion it’s translated into 3D.I still explore how all the elements work together.Also,NY is the city always to be freedom,and full of the energy,and I learned a lot during of that time,starting from NY made me feel fun who I am,and later moved to London happened me to growing and then later I can present what kind of woman.It’s all connected,I think.It’s about who you are,what kind of life and what kind of experience you have.

――I think it’s really cool because most of the people who studied about graphic design tend to go 2D,but when you making cloths they are very 3D and that’s something really different.

Yuhan Wang : Yeah,it’s like soft sculpture.

――After you living in NY and London,do you feel that your background that you grew up in China has influence to your work?

Yuhan Wang : I think it’s always in the process.I grew up in plantation,so the landscape I saw at that time gives influence to my works I guess.And I used to draw the Chinese traditional painting for many years when I was young,so it works to all of the lines or coloring,and now I mix it with eastern and western elements.Not just for culture differences between eastern culture and western culture,but I noticed that the universality all the human has.For example,even if the woman wear masculine clothes,when she comes back to home she changes to more comfortable clothes.I think it’s not necessity for women to wear masculine clothes all the time and they can enjoy the clothes with curved so I want to make kind of like that.

――When I see your works,I feel the coloring like the paintings by impressionist,is it more up bringing in the plantation than it?

Yuhan Wang : Everything is connected,so of cause I get inspiration from impressionist as well,but everything I saw are reflected to my works.There is no main thing but everything is my inspiration.

“I just am”exhibition photography Sayaka Maruyama

――A lot of the readers of NeoL are trying to find what they have passion for,so I’d like to hear about what was your process to coming up to what you doing now.

Yuhan Wang“When I started to study about art in NY,I knew that I’m interested in art,and after I studied there I noticed it’s really important for me to know the history of art so I went to London.There was totally different curriculum from school in NY,they gave us not only task but also time for searching what we have passion for,and it helped me to find out what I want to do specifically.I think it really meaningful for me.When I graduate the school,I had my own collection and after that I started to make clothes for people.I’d been working for a lot of different designers so I learned about business from them and I could change my point of view with flexibility.

――To achieve what you want to do,I think you have to believe yourself.So was there anything that encouraged you?

Yuhan Wang : There was no certain thing that encouraged me.But when I went to school,sometimes I lost confidence by seeing other classmate.And we tend to follow the way what teachers said such time and I did,but I was really sad felt it was not what I wanted to make after I finished and saw my works.So I think if it is different opinion between you and other people,you should follow your heart.

――I see, thank you for telling us your story.So it’s gonna be last question and it’s nothing to do with other questions but I’d like to ask what you eat for breakfast usually?

Yuhan Wang : I’m always traveling so my breakfast is different depend on where I’m staying,like it’s different what I eat when I’m in Milan and London.It’s depend on what they have.I haven’t had breakfast in here so I want to try Japanese breakfast.

text Ryoko Kuwahara

Yuhan Wang

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