[Alexandros]川上洋平 『ALXD』インタビュー/[Alexandros] Yoohei Kawakami 『ALXD』Interview



Openly declaring their intention to become the world’s top band, the four-member band ‘Alexandros’ had its first Budokan live concert in 2014, while still an indie band. Their first major album that came out once they’d stepped up into the mainstream, [AXLD] represents a further leap into the career of a band that consolidates a wide range of music into melodious tunes. As this work they the members have poured their souls into came out, we talked to vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Youhei Kawakami about the past, present and future of the band.

――前作アルバム『Me No Do Karate.』から2年弱。その間、初の武道館公演とバンド名の改名、そして、2014年末にメジャーとのグローバル契約を結ぶという大きなトピックが続きましたが、そうした一連の流れを振り返ってみていかがですか?





――It’s been almost two years since your last album, “Me No Do Karate”. Between that and now, you’ve had your first Budokan live concert, changed your band name and have signed an international deal with a major label. Looking back at this series of big events, how do you feel?

“As you can probably guess from the fact that we changed our name, the past two years were a time of renewal for us from many points of view. I think that not only our staff, but our fans also felt refreshed. On the other hand, we’ve been together 15 years and created our first album 5 years ago, so for us it doesn’t feel like a milestone. It feels like a continuation of our work and music.”

――It seems you have spent quite a long time recording your new album, [AXLD].

“We wanted to created not just something that was uplifting, but something that had a firm core as well when we started working on the album. This gave us a panoramic view of our own work. There has been a long 2-year interval since our last album, but what happened in fact was, first, we made a demo version. Then we took time to look at it objectively and figure out whether we really thought each song was what we wanted it to be.”









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