[Alexandros]川上洋平 『ALXD』インタビュー/[Alexandros] Yoohei Kawakami 『ALXD』Interview






――While producing songs to be performed in live concerts, [Alexandros] aspires to perform overseas in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as Asian countries, right?

“We’ve always been saying we wanted to perform abroad, but I haven’t yet seen any Japanese artist who’s become number one in the world. I’m inspired by American and English music, and I’ve also spent some time in Syria as a child, so aspiring to perform abroad came naturally. But to do that, I think that we need to polish our technique, performance and music sense overall. Everyone agrees that American and English music lead the field right now, so to be able to perform abroad we need to create music that brings something more advanced than that. But compared to foreign music, Japanese music is still two to three years behind, don’t you agree?”


――So cutting-edge world music and cutting-edge Japanese music are not equal at all. It’s like there’s a world standard and a Japanese standard and it’s almost impossible to create music that meets both standards when they are so different.


“So to polish a music sense that is of world standard, we may need to actually live abroad for a while and create our music there. That’s why it’s really hard. On the other hand, when we performed abroad, our more Westernized songs were in fact less popular than the Japanese-style, Japanese lyrics ones that Japanese kids might enjoy. I was quite surprised, but when we were told that [Alexandros]’ delicate melody and our fast, cool tempo were what set us apart from other musicians, I realized that these might be the strengths we have compared to overseas music. From such experience, this album has songs that were created to be played overseas, but most of the songs use Japan as a background, and we have used Japanese expression without hesitation, which is new even for us.”










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