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Self Isolation Issue: 「 タイムスケジュールを組み、生活に区切りを。作業に没頭できる時間を保つことで孤独と闘う」Ming Wang

ーーHow has the spread of coronavirus affected your lifestyle and creative activities?

Ming Wang : I have to move my studio back home due to the coronavirus effect! It was not easy. I worked either on the floor or toilet for a few days before my table, and the lighting supply arrived.
And being isolated from my creative community bothered me for a while. But in recent days, we are reconnecting online. It is nice.

ーーDo you have anything you realized and want to keep in mind from now ongoing through this situation?

Ming Wang : I noticed the fact that my art should be created for myself first, before for other people. Since I am isolated, I received fewer comments about my work. It is not very good to work only based on people’s opinions.

ーーHow are you preparing yourself mentally and physically towards the lockdown?

Ming Wang : I made a time schedule to divide my day at home. It helps me keep a working and living routine. I think keeping yourself occupied is a good way to fight loneliness and stay active.

ーーIn light of your activities, what kind of indoor creation is possible?

Ming Wang : I can make small scale paintings and drawings indoor. I am also sketching plans for larger pieces in the future.

ーーIf you have any recommendations or ideas on how to use online applications efficiently or andy measures that one can take themselves, please share them with us.

Ming Wang : Order art supplies online, like ordering groceries. Stay home.

ーーDo you have anything you want to challenge yourself on?

Ming Wang : I want to do more work and expand my portfolio during this lock down. I also want to read more books and prepare myself when the real spring comes.

ーーAfter the coronavirus converges and the situation gets better, what would you like to do?

Ming Wang : I want to learn driving. Because this situation make me notice the importance of being independent, and I hope I have better capability facing problems.

ーーAgree with the government?

Ming Wang : I agree with the strict quarantined policy in China. I think we can help the situation get better just by staying at home. But I do not agree that the Chinese government indirectly keeps citizens aboard from going back to their home by canceling flights. All citizens should have the right to come back to their home country. I think the government shouldn’t deprive people’s freedom of reuniting with family. A better-organized quarantine plan can be made for the people who come back from aboard to prevent the risk of imported cases.

The coronavirus crisis already happed in China in February, and it shows how dangerous the situation is. Other countries should be more cautious after witnessing the disaster. However, New York City’s response to the coronavirus crisis was too slow. When the first case was tested in New York, I and some of my Asian friends start to protect ourselves by wearing masks in public, but not many people around us understand. Also, the hate crimes toward Asians increase, and it worried us. If the government takes action faster and remind resident public safety earlier, the situation will at least be more under control now.

Ming Wang
IG : mingmingmingwang

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