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I just am Issue : Interview with VENICE W.

ーーWhat’s your imagine if you say like “I just am”?

VENICE W. : I guess I just am, who I am. I guess.

ーーWhen you head this exhibition what your approach way like how you approach on your way to show your exhibition in this year.

VENICE W. : So, this collection, it was my graduate collection. So it’s already conform me from beginning, it was kind of natural to I have to show.

ーーWhere Are you based on?

VENICE W. : I’am based on NY. I went to the Parsons. I am actually from Bangkok in Thailand and then I’ve lived in London for several years for school, it’s UAL (University of the Arts London). And I got into the Parsons, so I moved to NY for the Parsons.

ーーSo, UAL is the art school?

VENICE W. : Yes, it’s an art school, I went to Chelsea College of Art and I did a fine art. And I changed the fashions, so moved to NY for the Parsons. Before I went to London, I wanted to do the fashion design but when I when to London, then I learn more about things like an art, graphic design, fashion design, then I realize that there is much bigger art in London compared to Thailand. So I go excited by that. that’s why I changed to study art for a while. And than after 2 years I still like a fashion, I still like clothes. So than I am doing fashion again.

ーーI noticed that based in your graduation collection, that is a lot of “white” comes back. she wants to know just what is the reason behind you pick up “white” as a main color?

VENICE W. : No way I decide them. On the first I made outfit with paper, like real paper. And then I wore them to sleep, to eat, to shower. You know after you wore paper, it’s like a It shaped. And then if natural to you “white” I want to represent how the paper look. And I just copy how the paper bend into fabric for my collection. I can show you the video if you want. I wore them in sleep.

ーーThere is the another theme you pick is the time.

VENICE W. : Yeah, time.

ーーI also want to know why did you choose the time and also just like changes for the one of your theme.

VENICE W. : Because I’m always interested in something that for everyone, it means something universal. So in Thailand, In London, In New York, there are always have the time. In Japan also have the time. So for me it’s like everyone live in one world and we are all human and we all experience and change I don’t really focused on one culture for anything. Like Something everyone know. Everyone knew paper. And we all wear clothes.

ーーThis is basically I think like the process that you’re taking that really artistic, I think kind of very artistic sense you might have and the way you process that like you making clothes it’s like very artistic points.

VENICEW. : Thank you.

ーーSo, obviously this is year you graduation make put the one of the basically if obviously this is fashion but if you interested in this kind of making other curious form rather than fashion.

VENICE W. : I am actually going to have a presentation for my next collection this week. Not NY fashion week, So the clothes now my approach is totally different now it will be more relevant, but it’s still more about like something like this, more about I was like fantasy but I also make object for shows , still mainly want to make clothes but I would like make new other things like around the clothes, like bags, object and accessories. It’s more like I almost like one cool create another word that is still ln the same role. But more in my own mime.

VENICE W. Collection

ーーYou know you are from Thailand and you lived in London and you have studying in NY. And I think your collection is a lot of things very seem like “you”, it’s very much yourself. I Would wanna know there is something like, kind of the background, that how you show yourself in your collection. So basically, for the readers would be able to know what kind of thing really helps you find yourself, through like a kind of create your act something like really define, something maybe you like helps you create your works.

VENICE W. : Because I always inspired by the normal day, on may be less than sit in toilet, and then I have nothing to do…I will be on spot and thinking about the spot in shower. You know so I think It always like those moment. I like at airport I am waiting for the Plane, then I start to think because I have nothing else to do. If you like, the bottom, like boring is very important in order to create, to be creative for me. And then I feel London, New York and Bangkok, they are all big city. It’s almost like I mean everyday is the same I feel sometime I get I want to be more create.

ーーWhat would you like to eat for breakfast.

VENICE W. : Just coffee, sometimes Banana and toast. But coffee for sure.

VENICE W. Collection

text Ryoko Kuwahara


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